Knife Crime Charity: Drop The Knife Foundation

Drop The Knife Community Interest Company and Charitable Trust

The Drop The Knife Foundation was established in 2018 after the brutal stabbing of Will Flint in Birmingham, in 2017. Flint, a competitive bodybuilder, noticed youth attacking a woman during the early hours of New Year’s Day. As he intervened to stop the attack, the assailant unleashed a barrage of knife strikes on the victim. The attack resulted in Flint requiring sixty stitches and was warned his competitive bodybuilding days were over. Driven by the young bodybuilding champion’s resolve, the founders of Drop The Knife Foundation embarked on an initiative to tackle knife crime at its cause.

Drop The Knife: School Knife Crime Prevention Packages

Primary School Education Package – The primary school knife crime prevention package provided by Drop The Knife Foundation aims to engage youngsters from vulnerable communities. With County Lines drug gangs grooming and recruiting increasingly young children, Drop The Knife Foundation aims to prepare youngsters for this eventuality. Thus, the primary school package uses the story of two furry groups of dogs, to illustrate lessons on knife crime prevention. Drop The Knife Foundation’s primary school knife crime prevention package is part of a £1.5 million project, which will be delivered across England and Wales.

Higher Education Package – The package for secondary and college students encompasses a presentation that demonstrates the dangers and consequences of carrying a knife. As knife crime increases and an increasing number of youths are drawn into the knife carrying culture, the hard-hitting presentation aims to deliver an impactful message. Drop The Knife Foundation also offers mentoring to pupils in higher education. The Foundation’s young people’s ambassador course also aims to use peers to disseminate knife crime prevention messages.

Founded by Will Flint following a brutal knife attack, Drop The Knife Foundation delivers impactful programmes as part of its efforts to prevent knife crime at its root.