8 Self-Defence Moves that Every Woman Needs to Know

Women are four times more likely to sexual assault at work and over 1,500 women are killed every year by their husbands or boyfriends. In a survey from January 2018, 81 per cent of the women reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment, assault or both in their life. Verbal harassment was the most common form of attack towards women. However, 51 per cent of women said they had been touched or grouped inappropriately while 27 per cent of women survived sexual assault. Even if you have not yet felt yourself being in that situation, it is important to know certain self-defence moves can help you if you feel uncomfortable in any situation. A study by the University of Oregon found that women who participated in self-defence class felt that they had better strategies in place and were better equipped to deal with people in the context of potential assault or abuse. In addition, they also had more positive feelings about their bodies and an increased level of self-confidence from knowing the self-defence moves.

  1. Groin Kick

If an attacker is coming towards you from the front, a groin kick may deliver enough force to paralyze your attacker and making an escape possible. To perform this move, you must stabilize yourself as best as you can. Then lift your dominant leg off the ground and begin to extend your dominant leg and kick forcefully the attacker’s groin area. This is a great self-defence move that every woman should know and use.


  1. Elbow Strike

If the attacker is in close range, you can use the elbow strike move to defend yourself. Stabilize yourself with a strong core and bend your arm at the elbow. Then shift your weight forward and strike your elbow in the attacker’s neck, jawline, chin or temple. This may allow you to run.