Cheshire Youth: Policing Must Improve on Knife Crime and Online Bullying

A group of young people in Cheshire have produced a report detailing ways in which the Cheshire police can improve their engagement with the under 25s in the county. The report was composed by the Cheshire Youth Commission following a detailed and extensive research base of more than 2,000 conversations with youth people across Cheshire county throughout the past year. Their findings were telling of many of the crime issues that are faced not only by Cheshire, but by much of the United Kingdom.

Hate Crime, Knife Crime and Misuse of Online Social Media

The Cheshire Youth Commission found that knife crime, misuse of social media, hate crime and mental health are just a few of the key areas of concern for the young people of Cheshire. They found that too many young people are feeling threatened and unsafe of social media. Many of these people may experience bullying or hate crimes online and it was suggested that this could be because it is easier to get away with such crimes due to the anonymity of life online.


The Youth Commission recommended that the Cheshire police should make it easier for young people to report bullying and harassment to police and that schools should become more responsible for encouraging young people to report bullying and hate crimes.

When it comes to knife crime, the Cheshire Youth Commission discovered that young people feel that carrying a knife has become normalised. They found that many young people do not reflect on the risks associated with carrying a knife before making the decision to do so. This lack of understanding on the implications of carrying a knife for personal safety should be delivered by organisations rather than schools and educational sessions should also target the root causes of knife crime.