Ofcom Complaints over Coronation Street Stabbing Scenes

Coronation Street has been the subject of numerous complaints to broadcasting standards monitor Ofcom as the latest episode depicted scenes of a violent stabbing. Viewers were left horrified, as they took to social media and the broadcasting regulator to register their disapproval. In scenes broadcast on Monday night, the ITV soap aired a gang threatening one of the longstanding soap’s oldest characters, David Platt, with a knife. Following recent trouble, turmoil and marital breakdown, David Platt now faces the prospect of being stabbed in the street by a knife-wielding gang. Ofcom received a total of eight complaints regarding the scenes broadcast on Monday night.

As well as complaints to the broadcasting regulator, viewers took to social media, over the knife attack scenes. A Twitter user wrote: “NOOO David’s not actually gona get stabbed like poor Kylie is he? #Corrie.” Another commented: “Oh God. MORE bad luck for David. Now he’s getting mugged.” A third user commented: “Ooh look, it’s the cutting crew! Will David die in their arms tonight? #Corrie.” Other comments focussed on the turmoil David has faced recently: “Poor David hasn’t taken his finger off the self-destruct button for over a year.” While, another user commented: “David looks thrilled with the idea of Gail and her sympathetic ear…”

After his wife Shona lost her memory, David, played by Jack P Shepherd, has been shown to not be coping well at all. In an angry exchange with Imran, who expressed he was sorry that Shona was seeking a divorce, David replied, “Well, I’m not, not anymore. It can’t come soon enough I just want to get it over with and get on with the rest of my life. So, I’ve got a wife who barely recognises me and I have to wait another seven months.” The drama is set to continue as the storyline unfolds.