Hollywood Actor Rod Bond’s Encounter with Knife Crime during Filming at Deansgreen Hall

It has been revealed that Rod Bond’s encounter with knife crime in Lymm came during secret filming for a new movie set at Deansgreen Hall. During an interview, excerpts of which have been published here, Rod Bond briefly discussed his encounter with knife crime. Following sightings in Lymm, Rod Bond had briefly mentioned a movie project in partnership with Manchester F1 Productions. At the time, the actor only revealed that it would be set at Deansgreen Hall, while hinting at a directorial role for himself. However, it has since emerged that Rod Bond’s encounter with knife crime occurred during filming at Deansgreen Hall, leaving the actor considerably shaken. As a result, filming at Deansgreen Hall was adjourned for two weeks, while Rod Bond’s security detail was beefed up.

Filming at Deansgreen Hall, Lymm and Knife Crime

Located in the quiet and rural Deansgreen area of Lymm, Deansgreen Hall occupies a vast country estate. Featuring eleven acres of lawns, expansive garage blocks and two landscaped lakes, Deansgreen Hall oozes opulence. Unrivalled by the slew of Cheshire’s other country mansions, Deansgreen Hall combines classic luxury with bespoke modern touches. Moreover, the Deansgreen Hall estate also includes the Deansgreen Court flats and offices complex. The Deansgreen area of Lymm is small enclave which has remained largely free from knife crime and other forms of violent crime. In the past three months, statistics have shown zero occurrence of knife crime in the Deansgreen area, with most incidents happening in the northern areas of Lymm.

Rod Bond’s Latest Movie at Deansgreen Hall

During the initial interview, Rod Bond had downplayed the effect that the incident of knife crime had had on him. Furthermore, under a privacy agreement with film company Manchester F1 Productions, the actor had remained tight-lipped about the new movie. Based at Deansgreen Hall, Rod Bond plays the role of HMRC criminal investigation department investigator pursuing a tax fraudster. In a real crime story, Rod Bond’s character pursues tax fraudster and VAT scammer Duncan Evans, who resided at Deansgreen Hall.