How Greater Manchester Police is Tackling Knife Crime

Knife crime has risen exponentially in recent years across the UK, especially in areas outside of London. Greater Manchester police have experienced this surge in knife crime first-hand. Knife crime remains a top priority for the Greater Manchester police after annual statistics found that more than 1,000 criminals in the region were cautioned or sentenced for knife and weapon crimes.


Rise in Knife Crime in Greater Manchester

The Ministry of Justice annual figures showed that 1,093 knife and offensive weapon crimes led to in a caution or sentence in Greater Manchester in the year to March. Although this was a decrease of 11 on the year before, some of the decrease in knife crime can be accounted to the coronavirus lockdown. The Ministry of Justice statistics show that there were 44 offences per 100,000 people in the area of Greater Manchester. This includes all knife crime including possession of, or threatening with, a knife or other offensive weapon, but do not include all offences such as murder or assault with a knife.

The Greater Manchester police Detective Superintendent Chris Downy said:

“We are committed to taking a collaborative approach to tackle knife crime across Greater Manchester. We are continuing to build on the already successful work that has been ongoing for some time, which involves partnerships with Greater Manchester Combined Authority, National Probation Service, health and education professionals, youth justice and local authorities. Operation Sycamore is GMP’s response to tackling serious violent crime, with a particular interest in knife crime.”


“The key aims of the operation is to understand the causes of knife crime with a particular interest in the younger members of our communities, and the gathering of intelligence to target habitual knife carriers once they have been released from custody.”


The Greater Manchester police Detective Superintendent Chris Downy also noted that there are now 15 forever amnesty bins permanently placed in locations throughout the region, to dispose of knives in a completely safe and anonymous way. The Greater Manchester police is also working with youths within the criminal justice system to educate them and ensure they are supported in moving away from criminality and knife crime.