How to Avoid Knife Crime on the Street

Knife crime is an ever-growing phenomenon and a looming threat on our nation’s streets. As our previous posts have shown, knife crime is indiscriminate and could affect you at any time. Stay safe from knife crime with our top tips on how to avoid knife crime on the street.

Be Alert at All Times!

If you’re walking alone at night, the first thing to remember is to walk against the flow of traffic. That way, should you become caught up in a knife crime incident, drivers and passengers in oncoming traffic will be able to see something taking place. Also, as part of being alert at all times, be watchful of your surroundings and walk with purpose and confidence. Something as simple as an assured gait and brisk pace could help stop a knife attacker in their tracks.

Be Prepared to Defend Yourself

You may be surprised by the means at your disposal with which you can defend yourself. Should you encounter someone with a knife, use your voice as your first line of defence, to attract attention and help. An umbrella, a set of keys and even your mobile phone may prove useful in fending off a would-be attacker.

Be Prepared to Hand It Over

If you are carrying something which is clearly valuable, like a laptop case, a handbag or a briefcase, be prepared to let go of it if attacked. Remember, personal property is replaceable, but your life and wellbeing are not. If you are robbed, rouse attention as soon as it is safe to do so.

Use a Trusted and Registered Taxi Service

When using a taxi service, make sure they are registered. Also, keep a record of the taxi company’s name and number. Prior to entering a taxi, double check that they are from the same company that you ordered from. And, you can also ask the driver for the name of the person they are expecting to collect, to be extra safe.