Knife Crime Charity: One Formula LLP

A group of Manchester businessmen, going by the name One Formula LLP has pledged its support to anti-knife crime charities. The powerful conglomerate of financial experts, including a financial advisor, city trader, insurance advisor, ex-Wales international rugby player and a former police officer, comprise the formidable One Formula LLP. Together, the group specialise in tax efficiency products and packages, promising clients tax relief and tax rebates. However, following a recent announcement, the group has pledged its support for a host of local charities. From animal welfare, to knife crime and even a Cold War Tank museum, One Formula LLP have pledged to bring business-like efficiency to charity fundraising.

One Formula To Tackle Knife Crime

“Following the exponential increase of violent knife crime and stabbings across Manchester, we felt we needed to use a new approach and act,” said one executive at One Formula LLP. “We had been discussing what needs to be done about knife crime and what we can do and we’ve conceived an approach we’re calling ‘One Formula To Tackle Knife Crime’,” the executive added. “Working alongside the police, education providers, parents and local communities, we have devised a holistic and integrated approach which utilises ‘One Formula’ in order to tackle knife crime,” the executive stated further.

One Formula

The One Formula approach to knife crime is in line with government strategy and sees the phenomenon from the perspective of a public health approach. Executives from One Formula LLP have acted as liaisons and contacts between the charity’s administrators and major government bodies, such as the Home Office. “We’ve been able to fundraise from a bank of our wealthy clients, to support this noble endeavour and we have millions in place already,” said a member of the board at One Formula LLP. “Investors are drawn to supporting the knife crime charity by the prospect of lucrative tax reliefs and tax rebates, as well as the nobility of the cause,” he added.