Knife Murderer Jailed for Life

Knife murderer Mohammed Hussain, 18, has been jailed for life and will serve a minimum of 19 years for stabbing Mohammed Aman Ashraq. Mr Ashraq, an aspiring boxer, became embroiled in a scuffle with two former school friends just yards from his house. Following a return from training, Ashraq was confronted by Hamza Mahmood and Mohammed Hussain. During the scuffle, a large hunting knife was used to stab Ashraq in the back. Ultimately, he bled to death on Benjamin Lane in Wexham, Slough, with his backpack containing his gym kit by his side. The knife murder left the victim’s family and community saddened and shaken.

During the trial CCTV footage showed how the incident took place. Around 8pm on the evening of the attack, Mr Ashraq was seen running towards Hussain and grappling with the attacker. During those moments, Mahmood stood over both as they grappled. Seconds later, Hussain was seen getting up from the ground and both defendants were shown fleeing the scene. A delivery driver, a local resident and a third man who cannot be named for legal reasons were observed attempting to help Mr Ashraq. However, their efforts were to no avail.

When paramedics responded, they found a wound measuring 4.2 centimetres long and 1.6 centimetres wide. Following a medical examination, the jury at the trial were told that the knife had plunged 13 centimetres, with devastating consequences. The stab wound to the chest and abdomen had severed through a rib, penetrated through the left lung and cut through a major artery. Mr Ashraq has no chance of surviving. At the scene, a large hunting knife with a serrated edge was found by investigators. Investigators also established that DNA from blood on the knife’s blade matched My Ashraq. Furthermore, DNA on the handle was described as being “half a million times more likely than not to belong to Hussain.”