Remembering the Victims of Knife Crime: Kriss Donald

On Tuesday the 16th of March 2004, the lifeless body of 15-year-old Kriss Donald was found badly beaten and with multiple stab wounds in Glasgow’s east end. Kriss Donald was the victim of a brutal and senseless knife crime by a gang of Pakistani men. The crime became the first ever conviction of racially motivated murder in Scotland.

The Kidnapping and Murder of Kriss Donald

Kriss Donald was the victim of a truly evil crime that cost him his life. Around 3 PM on Monday, 15th of March 2004, Kriss was kidnapped and forced into a silver BMW car. The kidnapping of Kriss Donald was considered ‘revenge’ for an attack on Imran Shahid and his Pakistani gang in a Glasgow nightclub by a local white gang the night before. Kriss Donald was just a normal, 15-year-old boy and had no affiliations to gang activity, knife crime or the nightclub attack. He was preyed upon by the vicious gang simply for being a ‘white boy from the McCullock Street area’.

After Kriss was abducted, his kidnappers stabbed him multiple times leading to severe knife-related injuries to his lungs, liver and kidneys. Kriss Donald was then doused in petrol, set on fire, and left to bleed to death.

Racially Motivated Knife Crime

The killing of Kriss Donald was clearly a racially motivated, gang-related knife crime. It shows the tensions between rival gangs and zip-code wars which continue to rise even 16 years after his murder. Kriss Donald’s killers were sentenced to life in prison and despite no extradition treaty between Britain and Pakistan, Pakistani authorities agreed to extradite the suspects in this brutal knife crime. The gang violence in Glasglow has been criticized for allowing the culture of knife crime to flourish by refusing the investigate into Asian gangs due to ‘political correctness’ and fear of offending ethnic minorities. Kriss Donald’s murder has shed light to the fact that racially motivated knife crime occurs both ways and has emphasized the importance of remembered white victims of knife crime as well as those of ethnic minorities.