Mr Innocent is Not so Innocent: Man Charged with Spate of London Stabbings and Thefts

According to the Office of National Statistics, knife crime is at a record high in 2019. In London, the knife crime rate was more than double the national average last year. There was a reported five per cent rise in overall knife crime in the capital during 2019. Homicide by knife crime also increased last year, with 87 such homicides in London over the past 12-month period. This was a 13 per cent rise compared to 2018. Among these statistics, real people and real deaths exist. One of the perpetrators of these violent knife crimes is 44-year-old Evans Innocent has been charged with attempted murder over an incident in Islington on Tuesday.

Innocent Charged with Knife Crime

Innocent has been accused of carrying out three stabbings, including an attack on a woman, over three weeks in London. Around 6.15am, a woman in her forties was stabbed outside of Pentonville Prison. She was taken to hospital for her knife-related injuries, although they were not life-threatening.

The following day, Innocent was arrested for the knife attack on the woman. He was also arrested while he was in custody over two previous knife crimes, where he stabbed a man in the leg.

Serial Knife Attacker

Innocent was charged with two counts of grievous bodily harm over the stabbings in Wood Green on the 3rd of April and Whittington Park four days later. Evans Innocent has no fixed address and has committed several knife crimes and other criminal activities in London. He was also charged with six counts of possessing a knife in a public place, and three counts of theft. Innocent has also been accused of failing to comply with notification requirements under the sex offenders register. It’s safe to say that Evans Innocent is far from innocent.