NHS Workers, David Gomoh, Stabbed to Death Days Before Father’s Funeral

NHS worker, David Gohmoh (24), was the victim of a vicious and senseless knife attack just days after his father, Ken Gomoh, unfortunately passed away from the coronavirus. David Gohmoh was attacked and killed outside his London home just before 10.30pm on Sunday. A gang of four to five males believed to be wearing medical-style face masks and gloves stabbed the NHS worker to death just as he left his east London home, close to the NHS Nightingale field hospital at the Excel centre. The Metropolitan Police have said that the attack was unprovoked and against a wholly innocent victim by a ruthless gang that went out armed and on the hunt for a target.

A Senseless Attack on an Innocent Victim

Surgical-style masks and gloves were found close to the scene of the murder along with a stolen Silver Dodge Caliber. The car used for the attack had fake number plates and was seen being driven through a no-entry sign from Cumberland Road. Detectives are keeping an open mind on a possible motive for the attack.

A Grieving Family

David Gohmoh’s family have been left suffering ‘unimaginable torment’ and are due to bury his father, Ken Gohmoh, on Wednesday after he died from a Covid-19 related illness. Police have said that Gohmoh’s mother and sister, who both also work for the NHS, were ‘heartbroken’. Daivd Gohmoh was a marketing graduate from South Bank University in London and worked in the NHS supplies and procurement chain while living with his mother and sister. They have done so much to help the community and now the community must give back and come forward with any information they have. If you do not want to give your name to the police, call Crimestoppers. David and his family deserve justice.