Piccadilly Gardens Knife Rampage

On the evening of 12th January 2020, Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester city centre witnessed another violent knife attack. As police swooped on the area, breaking news reports alerted the public to four separate people being targeted during the knife rampage. Images of the scene which circulated on social media, soon after the attack, were tinted in the blue beacons of police cars. Lines of police vehicles and police officers ceased the area, establishing a cordon which sealed off the area between Piccadilly Gardens and Market Street. The earliest reports narrated how a man wielding a knife was tasered and promptly apprehended by the police, having carried out the vicious knife rampage.

Homeless Victims

In the days following the stabbing spree, it has emerged that homeless men were deliberately and exclusively targeted. One victim, Tommy Dennison, 52, who received a slash wound to the face, has since spoken to the Manchester Evening News. The 52-year-old formerly homeless victim has claimed he was attacked without provocation. A second man was stabbed outside Nero’s coffee shop, which is located next to Primark opposite the Market Street Metrolink station. This was followed by two attacks on two other homeless men. Tommy Dennison received 18 stitches to the face and has claimed to be “sore but…ok.” Meanwhile, a 30-year-old man remains in police custody, as Greater Manchester Police continue to investigate the incident.

Piccadilly Gardens

Following a spate of attacks in the city centre, the recent stabbing spree has caused considerable alarm. Click here to see our previous posts on recent incidents of knife crime in Manchester and Manchester city centre. Locals have identified Piccadilly Gardens and its surrounding area to be a hotspot for violent crime and anti-social behaviour. With drug dealing in broad daylight, followed by brazen drug use, residents and local business owners have described the area as becoming increasingly lawless.

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