Preston Stabbing Victim Shares Photos of Knife Wounds

Eve Hewitson-Cross, aged just seventeen at the time of the vicious knife attack, has shared photos of the knife wounds inflicted on her by a jealous rival. While waiting for a friend to attend a youth group gathering, Eve was knifed in the back in Levensgarth Park in Fulwood, Preston. As the teenager bled profusely at the scene, she was assisted by passers-by. At the time, the gravity of the situation was not immediately clear, as Eve had suffered a punctured lung. Ultimately, Eve was lucky to survive, since the near-fatal blow had narrowly missed her spine, by a mere fraction of a centimetre.

The graphic photos, which serve as a chilling reminder of the vicious ordeal suffered by the teenager, depict two deep knife wounds. Despite the knife attack, the teenager gathered herself to return to college a mere six days after being stabbed. However, there she faced judgement and criticism from her peers. During the knife attacker’s trial, the brave victim spoke of her ordeal to the court, detailing the impact the knife crime has had on her life. Bravely recounting her ordeal, Eve spoke of how she has been forced to leave her studies and give up on a career in pharmacy, following the attack.

Since the attack, Eve has been left severely traumatised and been prescribed medicine for PTSD and panic attacks. Detailing the lasting effects of the violent attack, Eve said: “I’m always nervous of being on my own. I am not the same person I was and I don’t think I can ever be again. When someone can take a knife out to specifically attack you, you realise anything could happen, and that’s scary. My mum, dad and sister have really struggled, mentally and emotionally. Mum and dad have had to take lots of time off work to support me.”