Remembering the Victims of Knife Crime: Abdullah Muhammed

On the 20th of February 2019, Abdullah Muhammed was walking through Sara Park with his little brother in Small Heath, Birmingham when he was confronted by three men. The men launched an unprovoked attack on Abdullah and during the incident Abdullah was stabbed in the chest. Despite the best efforts of the emergency services and of members of the public, Abdullah Muhammed died at the scene. Within two minutes of their encounter with Abdullah and his brother, after heartlessly leaving him for dead, the three men made their way of the Birmingham park and headed to an associate’s flat.

Thugs terrorized Small Heath streets before committing knife murder

The murderers were named as Demille Innis (20) , Amari Tulloch and Delero Walters (18). The group were tracked through an in-depth CCTV footage enquiry led by the West Midlands Police detectives. The evidence showed that the gang had spent hours wandering the streets in Small Heath before identifying their victims. The violent group had threatened and robbed two people of their phones and watches a short distance from the Birmingham park where Abdullah Muhammed was fatally stabbed just moments later.

Days after the knife attack and murder of Abdullah Muhammed, Amari Tulloch travelled to Bradford in an attempt to evade police that were searching for him and his killer buddies in the Birmingham area. After being involved in even more criminal activities, Tulloch was arrested on the 10th of March in Lincolnshire.

Prison sentence for criminal thugs

The life of Abdullah Mohammed was tragically cut short by a band of murderers who had no respect for human life. By the 22nd of March, the other two killers of Abdullah Mohammed were arrested, and the trio of knife-wielding criminals had been charged with murder and two counts of robbery. Following a five-week trial, the thugs were sentenced to life imprisonment with minimum terms of 29 years for Innis, 23 years for Tulloch and 21 years for Walters. Though the trio received the sentence they deserved, the heartbroken father of Abdullah Muhammed will never get his son back.