Remembering the Victims of Knife Crime: Jane Clough

Knife crime has taken far too many innocent lives in the UK. One of them was Jane Clough, who was brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend while she was on her way to work at the Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Jane Clough was the tragic victim of a knife crime committed by Jonathan Vass in 2010. The murderer, Vass, confessed to the knife crime and stabbing Jane Clough 71 times.

 Kind and Caring Nurse

Jane Clough worked as a nurse at the Blackpool Victoria Hospital, she was only 26 years old when she was made a victim to knife crime. Clough had told police about her murderer, Vass, and that she had ended their relationship. Vass had repeatedly raped and beaten Jane and was granted bail while facing nine counts of rape and four of assault. Vass had been reported for violent abuse in previous relationships and went on to stalk Jane Clough.

Stalkers Register Following Shocking Knife Crime

The father of Jane Clough, knife crime victim, called for stalkers registered to be introduced to make the UK a safer place and act as a ‘heads-up’ for victims. His daughter’s stalker was able to get off with just a slap on the wrist until this escalated leading to the unfortunate and tragic death of Jane Clough. A stalkers register could give the same importance as the sex offenders register and have a significant impact on knife crime and other violent crimes against women. Statistically, a majority of women that are murdered are victims at the hands of someone they knew, often someone they were romantically or sexually involved with. Many stalkers escalate to knife crime and other violent crimes after being repeatedly allowed to continue with their deviant behaviour. This is detrimental to society and the countless victims of knife crime in the UK.