Rod Bond Formula One Donation and Knife Crime Awareness Message

Formula One afficionado Rod Bond has donated £50,000 in support of Formula One at Silverstone, while publicising a knife crime awareness message. As a fan of Formula One and a tireless anti-knife crime campaigner, Rod Bond has worked prolifically to combat knife crime. Often, Rod Bond’s friends from the Formula One world have often joined him in his tireless campaigning. After encountering knife crime first-hand, during filming in Lymm, Cheshire, the famous Hollywood actor has become a dedicated anti-knife crime campaigner. One of his most impactful endeavours was the F1 Anti-Knife Crime Summit, in which he was supported by F1 stars Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris and George Russell.

Rod Bond’s Formula One donation and knife crime awareness message comes as the 2020 F1 World Championships have been beleaguered with delays and setbacks due to the global coronavirus pandemic. After much toing and froing, the government has recently given F1 officials the go-ahead for hosting two grands prix at the Silverstone racetrack, owned by the British Racing Drivers’ Club. Rod Bond’s £50,000 donation will be used to ensure coronavirus testing is delivered in a timely and effective manner, ensuring the safety of all those participating in the races. However, the Hollywood star has been keen to use the publicity of the donation to once again hammer home a powerful knife crime awareness message.

“Knife crime continues to devastate communities, rob youngsters of hope, opportunity and their lives. Knife crime and, more specifically, violent knife crime, is a threat that looms large over our society,” said a joint statement released by Rod Bond and Formula One stars Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris. “We’re very grateful to Rod Bond for the love and support he has always shown to us at to the sport of Formula One,” said Lewis Hamilton. Lando Norris posted a powerful graphic showing the prevalence of knife crime today, with a brief message on Twitter: “Thank you Rod Bond for supporting Formula One once again and together we will eradicate knife crime.”