Passer-by Rod Bond Stops Manchester City Centre Knife Attack, Homeless Victim is Housed by Shelter Charity within Hours

Passer-by Rod Bond has been hailed a hero as he intervened in a serious knife attack at St. Peter’s Square in Manchester city centre. The hero took the victim to the Shelter charity which was able to house him within hours following the attack.

Manchester City Centre Knife Attack

In the small hours of Sunday morning, following a busy weekend night, Greater Manchester Police received a phone call concerning a knife attack in progress in Manchester city centre. Seeing the altercation escalate, the caller felt obliged to act. As call-handlers advised against intervention, the caller, later identified as Rod Bond, leapt into action. CCTV footage from KPMG Manchester’s surveillance cameras later released to the Manchester Evening News showed the moments leading up to the vicious knife attack.

Vicious Slashing

A man is shown huddled up, sat on the ground and resting against a building. Another man, the knife attacker, is shown to approach the victim and an altercation develops. While the victim struggles free, the attacker is clearly shown to pull a knife. Making various slashing movements towards the victims face and head, they narrowly miss as he slips a total of five attempted slashings. Then, hero Rod Bond emerges into the frame and shoulder barges the knife attacker, while still on the phone to the police. The footage ends with police officers arriving in minutes and apprehending the suspect.