Tips That Might Save Your Life in a Knife Attack

Knife crime is a phenomenon that seems to be here to stay. Despite major anti-knife crime campaigns, knife crime prevention drives and efforts from all sectors of society, the phenomenon remains on the rise. While it is statistically highly unlikely that anyone will encounter a knife attack, if the unthinkable was ever to happen, it is imperative that you are prepared. Stop Knife Crimes’ tips might just save your life in a knife attack.


When you’re out and about, or passing by an area where you may fear the prospect of a knife attack, always keep your wits about you. Only follow familiar routes, with multiple access and exit points. The best way to avoid a knife attack is to flee from it. Stay mobile, be ready to run and stay safe.


If your escape is limited and you are being pursued by a knife attacker, think quickly and act to place barriers between you and the attacker. Use stationary objects, such as parked cars or benches, as barriers between you and the attacker. You could also use a chair or a shopping trolley to prevent any contact being made.

Weak Points

A knife attack is a harrowing experience, but if contact is made be sure to keep your hands up to protect your centre line. This centre line is occupied by some of your body’s weakest points, such as the neck, throat, lungs, heart and arteries. Keep your wits about you and do your best to protect your vital organs.


Rather than focussing your direct vision on the tip of a blade, hone your eyes on the attacker’s upper body. Any movement of the arm will be preceded by movement in the attacker’s upper body. Leave the blade to your peripheral vision.