The Demise of One Formula to Tackle Knife Crime: The Tax Fraud of the Century

With multimillionaire investors, business acumen and knowledge and a private funding stream all but guaranteed, the ‘One Formula to Tackle Knife Crime’ campaign had gotten off to a promising start. Under the banner of ‘One Formula,’ with the support of One Formula Projects LLP, the knife crime prevention campaign sought to bring together various agencies working to combat knife crime. One Formula to Tackle Knife Crime was designed to bring together children, parents, schools, community and religious organisation, the police and local politicians, towards the eradication of knife crime. The campaign was designed and launched in coordination with government strategy and provided a plethora of resources to grassroots anti-knife crime organisations. However, all was not how it seemed.

The Tax Fraud of The Century

One Formula Projects LLP, the Manchester-based financial firm behind the knife crime prevention campaign, became subject to an investigation by HM Revenue and Customs. Accused of operating a tax fraud empire, orchestrating tax evasion for high profile clients and claiming fraudulent tax reliefs, the company all but folded. HMRC officials dubbed the case ‘the tax fraud of the century.’

To add insult to injury, the forensic investigation into One Formula Projects LLP was broadcast on national television. Coincidentally, as HMRC launched the tax fraud investigation into One Formula LLP, a filming crew had just begun to shadow investigators for a BBC One documentary.

Rod Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC

Presented by Hollywood veteran and Manchester-native actor Roderick Bond, the BBC One documentary was a hit. Fans tuning in eagerly followed the forensic investigation into the accounts of One Formula Projects LLP on the Rod Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC documentary series. Alongside the knife crime prevention charity, One Formula also operated an animal shelter and a museum, both of which were also subjected to sealing orders by HM Revenue and Customs. A movie remake, exploring the One Formula Projects LLP tax fraud empire, entitled ‘The Fraud of the Century’ is scheduled for release at the end of this year.