Knife Crime Reaches Suburbia: The Tragic Story of Yousef Makki

In a shockingly tragic instance of knife crime, which rocked a swanky suburb in south Manchester, 17 year old Yousef Makki was stabbed to death, after a row had developed between two of his friends, whose protected identities have only allowed them to be identified as Boy A and Boy B, both 17, on the 29th of March 2019.

The jury heard how the three boys had together conspired to rob a drug dealer of £45 worth of cannabis. After the attempted robbery had gone awry, a dispute occurred between the three co-conspirators. The court heart from the testimony given by Boy A that Yousef Makki was first to produce a knife and initiated an attack on him, with intent. Boy A then told the court how he had acted in self-defence, when administering the single lethal blow to Makki’s heart which killed him.

Following a four-week trial, the jury returned verdicts of not guilty for both Boy A and Boy B on counts of murder and manslaughter. Boy A received a sixteen-month detention training order, with half of it to be spent in custody, while Boy B was sentenced to a four-month detention training order. Both boys were sentenced for possession of a knife, and possession of a bladed article respectively.

Yousef Makki had won a scholarship to attend the prestigious Manchester Grammar School, while both Boy A and B resided in the affluent village of Hale Barns. The case tore up the theses on knife crime being a blight only affecting the country’s most impoverished area. It went to show how pervasive the culture of carrying a knife has become in Britain today: how a hairbrained idea, between a group of teenage friends can culminate in the loss of life.