The Murder of John Lynch

On the morning of Saturday 3rd March 2018, Paul Alexander murdered John Lynch during a vicious knife attack in Dalkeith, Scotland. Following disagreements between the pair, attacker Alexander unleashed the brutal knife assault on the victim, at his doorstep. As Mr Lynch knocked on the door, to the house Alexander shared with Mr Lynch’s ex-girlfriend, he was greeted by a blade. During the vicious assault, the victim was struck by the blade in the arm and had his windpipe and lung damaged by the blade. Following the initial assault, Alexander pursued Mr Lynch as he fled. As the victim lay defenceless and dying, the ruthless killer inflicted another ten stab wounds on him.

With a criminal record dating back to 1990, Paul Alexander had previously served ten years in jail for two attempted murders. The High Court in Edinburgh heard how Alexander has consumed a cocktail of drugs, prior to launching the unprovoked knife attack on the victim. It was narrated that Alexander had taken approximately 100 tablets of Valium, heroin and a cocktail of other drugs, prior to the attack. Footage of the incident was shown, in which the attack was recorded in gruesome details. Despite admitting to inflicting the injuries, Alexander remained adamant that he had not intended to kill the victim. A plea to convict him of the lesser offence of culpable homicide, was rejected by the jury, who found him of murder.

The judge and jurors were left aghast as the footage from the scene of the crime showed Alexander return to his victim and inflict a further ten stab wounds on him. As the victim lay defenceless, the attacker was heard to yell, “Is that c*** no dead yet?” The damning evidence was enough to convince the jury to reject the plea for culpable homicide. Sentencing him to 22 years in jail, a judge branded the killing a brutal, callous crime.