Knife Crime across London

17-year-old teenager, Abdirashid Mohamoud was stabbed to death in Isleworth last year in March 2019. On the scene officers were called at around 10:30pm on March 22, 2019 to various reports on a teenager being stabbed near flats in Union Lane, Isleworth. On arrival they found Abdirashid Mohamoud suffering a Continue Reading

County Lines Drug Trade: The Precursor to Knife Crime

You’ve heard the term but what does “county lines” actually refer to? Basically, when drug gangs from large cities and towns grow their operations to nearby smaller towns, this is referred to as “county lines drug trade.” The National Crime Agency warns that the unscrupulous drug dealers commonly employ children Continue Reading

The Victims of Knife Crime – Jodie Chesney, 17

On Friday the first of March of this year, Jodie Chesney was in St. Neot’s Park, Harold Hill, east London, with her boyfriend and friends. According to the Metropolitan Police, Jodie and her group of friends were in the park, hanging out together playing music. The earliest witness testimonies stated Continue Reading

14-Year Old Jaden Moodie of Leyton, East London

Lost in a mass of staggering statistics, breaking news headlines, media reports, politicians’ speeches and endless news articles on knife crimes, the knife epidemic sweeping the nation over the past few years has left a trail of tragedy and immense personal suffering among countless bereaved families. Claiming victims between the Continue Reading