The Murder of Ben Kinsella

On June 29, 2008, Ben Kinsella was stabbed to death in Islington, Greater London. At the time, Ben was 16 years old and was the seventeenth victim to be killed in a knife attack that year. In a case of unrivalled tragedy, Ben had expressed significant concerns about knife crimes and stabbings. After thwarting the theft of a mountain bike, while working at a café. Ben feared repercussion in the form of knife violence, having been threatened by a gang of hooded youths. In a GCSE coursework letter published by The Times, Ben had written to then prime minister Gordon Brown about knife crime. In the letter, Ben had urged the PM to do more to eradicate knife crime and offered numerous suggestions to tackle what was a growing epidemic. Most tragically, in a piece of creative writing, Ben had written about dying as a result of a knife attack. In heart-wrenching words published by The Sun, Ben wrote, “As I stare up at my killer-to-be he feels not the slightest measure of remorse at what he has just committed.”

Attacked by Knife Gang

While on a night out celebrating the end of their GCSE exams, Ben’s friend entered an altercation with two men at what was then known as the Shillibeers Brasserie Bar on North Road. Two men fought with Ben’s friend as the pair were removed from the venue. When Ben and his friends decided to return home, they noticed they were being followed. Ben’s friends fled. However, Ben did not run believing himself to not be associated with the altercation that had occurred earlier. In an attack witnesses described as lasting no more than five seconds, Ben was set upon by Jade Braithwaite, Michael Alleyne and Juress Kika. Ben received a total of eleven stab wounds which punctured his lungs and punctured his pulmonary artery. The wounds were up to seven inches deep.