Knife Murderer Fronts Anti-Knife Crime Campaign

Sadam Essakhil Anti-Knife Crime Campaign

In an eight-minute video, teenage knife murderer Sadam Essakhil, now aged 21, featured in a message aimed at children as part of an anti-knife crime campaign. Aged just fifteen years old at the time of the murder, Sadam Essakhil claimed to have acted in self-defence. After being convicted, the teenager was sentenced to life and must serve a minimum term of nineteen years behind bars. Produced by West Midlands Police, in the video, Essakhil focusses on the misconception youngsters have about carrying a knife for protection. “I went out with a knife but not trying to attack people. I just went out there feeling I needed to protect myself and obviously one thing leads to another, and you never think you could end up killing someone,” the murderer says in the video. Since the video was shown to youngsters, West Midlands Police received considerable criticism for using a knife murderer to front an anti-knife crime campaign. Jade Akoum, the sister of Greater Manchester knife murder victim Yousef Makki said, “On one hand it’s positive he wants to tell youngsters about how knife crime affects families. But at the same time, is he doing this for a reduced sentence?”

The Murder of Lukasz Fermanek

Saddam Essakhil was convicted for the murder of Lukasz Fermanek alongside Abdullah Atiqzoy in 2016. The attack took place in the Handsworth area of Birmingham, on the junction of Grove Lane and Holly Road. After an altercation developed into a fight, the attackers who were both armed with knives unleashed a frenzied attack on Lukasz Fermanek, 24, and his friend Radoslaw Dudek. During the trial, the court was told that Mr Fermanek died within 31 seconds of the group encountering each other. The deadly blow which killed him was caused by a direct strike to the heart. Mr Dudek was stabbed a total of nine times, surviving the knife attack only due to the skill of the surgeons operating on him.