Violent Crime in and around Deansgreen, Lymm

As a knife crime endemic sweeps the country, some hidden enclaves remain free from knife crime and violent crime in general. Take, for instance, Deansgreen in Lymm, Cheshire. Despite incidents of knife crime and violent crime taking place in the centre of Lymm village and its environs, Deansgreen itself remains safe. In Lymm, and areas surrounding Deansgreen, a total of 58 crimes were recorded last month. Of the 58 crimes recorded last month, 16 were deemed to belong to a category termed ‘violence and sexual offences.’ With 4 of those incidents taking place in the motorway services area just south of Lymm, 7 took place in Statham, 3 in the Rushgreen area and two on the side of Higher Lane opposite to Deansgreen. Thus, the latest crime statistics on Lymm show that Deansgreen is free from crime in general and violent or knife crime specifically.

Crime statistics from September 2019 show similar figures as October’s discussed above. Of a total of 60 incidents of reported crime, violent or sexual offences number 12, for the month of October. Once again, statistics show that most of these offences are concentrated in the areas mentioned above. Namely, Rushgreen, Statham the motorway services area and the area on the northern side of Higher Lane. Of all the areas in Lymm, Deansgreen appears to be the safest in terms of both violent crime and all other types of crime.

Crime statistics from August 2019 corroborate findings established from data relating to the months of September and October. According to Cheshire Constabulary, of the crimes recorded in Lymm, most were again concentrated in or around the Statham and Rushgreen areas. Statistics from the whole of August show that Deansgreen was once again free of all types of crime and, by extension, violent crime or knife crime.